Equity Capital Markets (ECM)

A.G.P.’s Equity Capital Markets team is responsible for pricing, marketing and selling lead-managed and co-managed equity offerings, and has comprehensive experience in providing market perception, timing and valuation services.

Our products include:

  • Follow-On Offerings
  • Initial Public Offerings
  • Private Investment in Public Equity (PIPE)
  • At-the-Market Offerings
  • Registered Direct Offerings
  • Private Placements

Furthermore, our clients receive valuation metrics, information about market response, and the orchestration and structuring of equity transactions.

Receive an Objective Perspective from an Equity Capital Markets Expert

Working with stocks, futures, swaps, options, and other derivative instruments always involve a certain amount of risk.

This is especially true in equity capital markets as so much depends on the information companies provide about themselves regarding their current financials and estimates of how they believe they’ll perform in the future.

While it’s always a good idea to utilize an ECM team to help execute primary market transactions by helping with syndication, structure, marketing, and distribution, we can also assist you beforehand. Our expert opinion is free of biases and can help you avoid making a costly mistake.

Contact Your ECM Expert Advisor Today

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