A.G.P./Alliance Global Partners Hires Michael F. Shillin to Launch Wisconsin Office

July 5, 2018

A.G.P./Alliance Global Partners (“A.G.P.”) welcomes the arrival of Michael F. Shillin, IAR and AAMS, who has joined A.G.P. to launch its Wisconsin office. Shillin is a leading financial advisor, formerly with Raymond James, managing over $150 million in assets.  

Mr. Shillin is a dynamic and versatile addition to A.G.P.’s Team as Investment Advisor Representative, Accredited Asset Management Specialist and President of Shillin Wealth Management, which provides comprehensive wealth management and wealth advisory services to a select number of families and business owners.

He began his investment career with Edward D. Jones and previously served as Partner at an independent financial firm in Chippewa Falls. Born and raised in Kaukauna, WI, Mr. Shillin graduated from the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse with majors in finance, economics and political science.

Austin Thielen and Cheryl Smith will join Mr. Shillin at A.G.P. Both were also formerly with Raymond James.

A.G.P. Executive Chairman Phil Michals noted: “Mike has established himself as one of the top wealth advisors in the community. We are excited about the launch of our new location with Mike and the team as the cornerstone of the Wisconsin Office. We look forward to offering exceptional services and support that this team will be providing to their customer base.”

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